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Why Are Humans And Dogs So Good At Living Together?


Dogs have a very special to humans, and this is not just from today, but it has been the same for thousands of years. There are many investigations that took place which allows you to have a number of different angles. In this article, we will be discussing the reasons for dogs and humans to have such good chemistry when they are leaving together.

The social unit

Domestic dogs are descended from the wolves and have remained as wolves due to their biology. This means that wolves have social behaviour, which can be intriguing to the parallels of human families. Wolves are also territorial, hunt co-operatively, and as a pack, they are emotionally bonded with each other due to their enthusiastically different individuals. Also, there is an alpha male and an alpha female who is sexually active until the others in the pack are sexually mature. This adaptation is very close when it comes to dogs and humans, allowing one to live perfectly happy lives even when they are surrounded by humans. Also, dogs are pampered with a lot of food and medical care which allows them to be comfortable where they are living.

A family member

This is another reason, families today do not see a dog as an alien creature but as a family member which allow the dog to be one among the family. There are many detailed studies of dogs and human relationships which was based on reflecting on social compatibility of two species living together. Dogs are extraordinary, which can allow you to have the ability of predicts what the owners are doing. The experiment shows that the dogs and wolves are used to human body language, which can be directed to the gaze of the location of the hidden food. Dogs are also very emotionally attached to their masters which can help ensure that you have the right contribution to the owners. This capacity of affection towards a different species makes it into a valued member of the family.

Domesticating each other

Dogs were the first to be domesticated, which has developed into an association. The mitochondrial DNA has separated wolves from the dogs from over 100,000 years. Dogs have been around for as far as we have been around. The relationship the human and dog have elevated from a long symbiosis. Dogs from a very long time have acted like human alarm systems, hunting aides, garbage disposal, children’s guardian and playmates, etc. Whereas humans have given a lot of security and food to the dogs which have led them to be stable for over 100,000 years which intensifies as mutual domestication. Humans are domesticating dogs and dogs are domesticating humans.

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