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Dog House Sofa

The number of ‘nuclear family(1 or 2 people family)’is getting increase and the pets are placing as a partner of human.
In Korea, more ten millions of people are cultivating companion animals.

Now, the living place is not only for human. We are sharing our places with companion animals.
The furniture works as a tool of communion between human and companion animals.
Sofa is enough to stimulus animal’s curiosity through their sight.

It produced with an eco-friendly wood, ash tree, and fabric.
‘The Dog House Sofa’ is the furniture that people and their pets could use together.

‘The Dog House Sofa’is a design which is combination of the ‘dog house’ and ‘sofa.’.
Through that, a lot of interesting stories are made up by users and their pets

We have combined the dogs behavior, space possessive, to the sofa and it makes the sofa as more comfortable, relaxable and sympathetic space.
We suggest the communication space between the owner and their pets.