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Pet House

The number of people who is growing companion animals are increase every year and the value of companion pets are increasing too.
Coincide this social issue, mpup design and produce the premium pet furniture.
The pet house from mpup is based on the research and its consequences of research about puppy.

Thinking of baby puppy, weak immune from a disease, we use the eco – friendly materials and finishes have been produced.

Based on sufficient research, you can use the pet house from the little puppy to adult dog.
We produced the pet house very strong, stable and semi-permanently.

Through modulations of pet bed, a variety of design and colour of bed could be combined with pet house and has spread the consumer’s choice.

The appropriate percentage of dog house icon has applied in pet house and it is well matching everywhere even create the interior effect.

The pet house of mpup is a new conceptual pet furniture which get out from the expendables pet house.